Culinary balafon: when Brazil dances to the rhythm of African flavors


It is a bewitching culinary dance that calls for roots, ancestral traditions and transatlantic trips. A ballet of flavors intrinsically linked to Brazilian culture, but which finds its origins on the African continent. Let’s discover together the undeniable influence of Africa on Brazilian cuisine.

A thrilling meeting: the birth of a hybrid cuisine

Have you already experienced the taste of feijoada , this emblematic Brazilian dish made from black beans and salty pork? It is difficult to imagine that this recipe so typical of Brazil has been influenced by African culinary traditions.

Feijoada: the perfect example of culinary hybridization

When the Portuguese began to colonize Brazil in the 1500s, they led African slaves with them. The latter, in turn, introduced their own culinary habits. feijoada , for example, has its origin in waakye , a very popular rice and bean dish in Africa ‘Ouest.

an African culinary heritage that is significant in Brazilian cuisine

African slaves have not only brought their culinary know-how, but also a wide variety of ingredients that then have been adopted and adapted by Brazilian cuisine.

Introduction of African ingredients in the Brazilian diet

foods such as yam, cassava and dende (a palm oil used as seasoning) have become essentials from Brazilian cuisine. Aside from the ingredients, a variety of food preparation techniques has also been introduced, such as drying, smoking and salting.

Gustatory voodoo: West African Cuisine at Brazil

Have you ever wondered why the chili is so present in Brazilian cuisine? The answer lies in the influence of West African Cuisine.

The spicy role of pepper

The use of pepper, whether in Vatapa or caruru , is a direct heritage of West African cuisine. He always adds a dimension of warmth and liveliness that evokes the spirit of African culture.

from Africa to Brazil: the symbols of a common struggle

l ‘ History told through the dishes

Each dish, each ingredient is a reminder of the story shared between Brazil and Africa, a story of strength, resistance and survival. For example, the farofa , a dish based on cassava flour generally served with Feijoada, is a poignant symbol of this common struggle.

and now, is it Do you cook in the Brazilian?

Now that you have discovered the incredible influence of Africa on Brazilian cuisine, the culinary adventure is just beginning. Why not try to prepare your own Feijoada or Farofa? Each bite will be a tribute to the African roots of this delicious kitchen.

and you, what is your favorite Brazilian recipe influenced by African cuisine? Share your culinary experiences and your own anecdotes in the comments below!

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