The culinary awakening of the Andes: the rebirth of Peruvian cuisine


Imagine a dish that manages to enhance the delicate taste of fish thanks to citric acidity and a combination of herbs that create a symphony of flavors in the mouth. You just thought of the Ceviche, an emblematic dish of Peru. But the Peruvian cuisine is not just the ceviche. Far from there. It is a culinary tradition that is reborn, reinvents itself and imposes on the world its tones, its flavors and its textures. Let’s discover this Renaissance.

The richness of the Peruvian terroir

Peru is a country that offers an unrivaled biological diversity. With its different microclimates, it has a variety of fruits, vegetables, cereals and fish that form the backdrop of its kitchen. What do we really know about the richness of this terroir?

a diversity to savor

The Peruvian terroir is capable of producing more than 4000 varieties of potatoes, sugar cane Chancaca to soften dishes, or even the pepper ají to raise them. What about marine fauna? Peru, with its Pacific coast, offers high quality fishing. Can you imagine all possible culinary combinations?

Multicultural influences

Peruvian cuisine would not be what it is without the different influences that have shaped it over centuries. What are these influences and how did they contribute to the evolution of Peruvian cuisine?

pre-colonial and colonial influences

Before the arrival of the Spaniards, the pre- civilizations Colombian, like the Incas, had already developed a rich and varied cuisine. The CHUPE , potato and quinoa soup, is an example. The arrival of the Spanish settlers has brought new ingredients, such as pork, as well as culinary techniques that have enriched this kitchen.

International influences

Peruvian cuisine was also influenced by African, Chinese, Japanese and Italian kitchens. Do you doubt it? Taste the Lomo Saltado , a stir of beef with typically Chinese vegetables, or Pasta in the Huancaina of Italian inspiration. Surprising, isn’t it?

The emergence of the new Peruvian cuisine

The new Peruvian cuisine is the alliance of ancestral culinary traditions and modern techniques of the kitchen. It is also the desire to enhance local products and to support sustainable agriculture.

Peruvian gastronomy, new gold from the Andes

far from clichés, Peruvian cuisine is Modernize and gain in international recognition. The Peruvian leaders, like Gastón Acurio and Virgilio Martínez, are real ambassadors of this cuisine. They make the world discover the flavors of Peruvian cuisine, through their television shows, their restaurants and their cooking books.

a commitment to sustainability

beyond From taste, the new Peruvian cuisine is also committed to sustainability. The chefs and restaurateurs make it a point of honor to work with local producers. They are thus guaranteeing the quality of their products, while supporting the local economy.

and now, in your stoves!

with all these elements, can you resist again At the call of Peruvian cuisine? Why not try it? Maybe start with a ceviche, or a Lomo Saltado. And above all, remember: cooking is above all sharing. So invite your loved ones and get into the adventure of Peruvian cuisine!

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