Liquid paradise: natural energy drinks around the world


Have you ever dreamed of a magic potion to energize without the harmful effects of caffeine or sugar? We have traveled the planet in search of these energizing elixirs and are ready to share our discoveries. From the Himalayas mountains to organic farms from North America, let’s dive together in the wonderful variety of natural energy drinks around the world.

1. Asia’s superstars: Matcha and Ginseng tea

It’s time to lift the veil on the secrets of longevity of Asian populations . Do you know matcha tea? It is prepared from the whole leaves of the tea, which allows to keep all antioxidants and minerals. What about ginseng? This root, darling in Korea and China, is renowned for its revitalizing properties.

Matcha tea: a boost for your metabolism

poured into your cup of hot water , its bright green powder releases a delicate and sweet-bitter flavor, while improving concentration and energy.

ginseng: the root of life

This little Robust root is often consumed in infusions or in the form of supplements. ginseng is a real ally to strengthen the immune system and fight fatigue.

2. The hidden treasures of South America: Yerba Maté and Guayusa

In the next stage of our trip, we discover two traditional energy drinks from South America. The Maté Yerba, originally from Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, and Guayusa, consumed in Ecuador, both have stimulating effects without the peaks of traditional cafes.

the Yerba Maté: The “tea tea “Gauchos

Maté Yerba leaves are infused in hot water to create a drink full of flavor and rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. A real energy potion!

Guayusa: the awakening of the jungle

similar to the mate, but with a softer flavor, the guayusa is rich in caffeine, in theobromine ( A natural stimulant found in chocolate) and in the-the-the-the-therapy, an amino acid that improves relaxation and concentration.

3. The Elixirs of Africa: Rooibos and Kola Nut

Finally, we go to Africa to discover rooibos, a popular infusion in South Africa, and Kola nuts, traditionally used in Africa of the West for its stimulating properties.

rooibos: The Red Treasury of South Africa

The rooibos , or “Buisson Rouge”, n ‘ is not a real tea, but is consumed in a similar way. It is rich in antioxidants, caffeine without caffeine and can improve cardiovascular health.

Kola: more than a natural ritalin

Kola nuts are often chewed for their effects stimulants. They are rich in theobromine, a natural stimulant, and caffeine.

a vitality trip: what to do with these discoveries?

We made a great trip around the world, discovering Natural energy drinks that have been used for centuries for their stimulating effects. So what can you do with this knowledge? Why not try to prepare one of these drinks the next time you need an energy boost? After all, as a Chinese proverb says, discovery is the salt of life

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