Italian lasagna: a culinary trip in flavors of flavors


When it is mentioned, it is a whole symphony of tastes that awakens the simple mention of its name. From sunny shores from Sicily to the snow -capped peaks of Dolomites, the homeland of “Cucina Povera” (kitchen of the poor) conquered the world, a dish at a time. And among these culinary victories, the lasagna hold a place of choice. But what makes Italian lasagna so special?

at the beginning: the origins of the lasagna

The lasagna was born in the ancient Rome. The word “lasagna” comes from the Latin “lasanum” which means “cooking pot”. Over time, the term has gradually transformed to designate the dish at a time, simple and tasty that we know today. The authentic recipe uses simple ingredients, but rich in flavors: alternating pasta layers with sauces and cheeses, all glea to a traditional oven.

Italian lasagna: a painting In layers of colors and flavors

Italian lasagna could be considered as a work of culinary art, where each layer of pasta, sauces and cheeses adds a new dimension of flavors. Fonde cheeses, tasty meats, grilled vegetables and even fish for certain regional versions, each stratum is a full delight.

The ingredients of a successful lasagna

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