Discovering Moroccan spices: a culinary journey with a thousand flavors

Let yourself be carried away by the richness of the Moroccan culinary heritage, a mosaic of flavors which is expressed with audacity through its spices. Basic ingredient in Moroccan cuisine, these colorful spices enchant the taste buds while telling a story rich in tradition and culture. But where to find them? Accompany us in this taste exploration.

The aromatic heritage of Morocco: a symphony of spices

Moroccan cuisine is a real celebration of the senses, and its spices are the conductors. Complex and varied, they are the pillars of this refined and generous cuisine.

ras el hanout: the king of Moroccan spices

ras el hanout, literally “Tête de la grocery” in Arabic, is a mixture of carefully dosed spices. Composed of notes of coriander, cumin, cinnamon, and many others, it gives Moroccan dishes their spicy and gourmet character.

saffron: red gold from Morocco

saffron , also called red gold, is a precious and emblematic spice. Cultivated in the Taliouine region, it brings a golden yellow color and a delicate perfume to traditional dishes like couscous.

where to find these culinary treasures?

the good news, c ‘ is that these gastronomic gems are not reserved only for the inhabitants of Morocco. Here is where you can find them.


while walking in the aisles of Moroccan souks, you will discover a range of spices in shimmering colors. Each spice has its specificity, its aroma, and its flavor. It is the ideal place to find them in their most authentic form.

Ethnic grocery stores

closer to you, ethnic grocery stores are gold mines for gold Find Moroccan spices. Do not hesitate to ask the merchants for advice, they will be able to guide you.

online commerce

Finally, the digital age makes the acquisition of Moroccan spices more accessible. Many specialized sites offer quality products, delivered directly to your home.

How to use these Moroccan spices?

Now that you know where to find them, how to use them optimally?


Each spice has its own aromatic power. Some are more spicy, others more soft. The art of dosing spices is therefore essential for a successful dish.

The moment of addition

Depending on the recipe, the spices can be added to different stages of cooking. In general, the more you add them early, the more their flavor diffuses in the dish.

Moroccan spices: a call for culinary escape

Beyond their simple culinary use , Moroccan spices are an invitation to meet a rich and generous culture. They are a way of traveling without moving from your kitchen. What are you waiting for to discover them?

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