Discover the unknown gems of Portuguese gastronomy

Portuguese cuisine is like a plot well put together with a novel – full of surprises, diversity and unexpected feelings. Its wealth largely exceeds the famous Nata pastel. This culinary journey will not fail to surprise you with its hidden treasures. Prepare your taste buds, they are about to embark on a tasty adventure.

The quest for taste: discovery of typical dishes

Portuguese cuisine is influenced by a rich story and varied. She knew how to make the most of her relationships with the different continents. Have you ever heard of these less known traditional dishes?

La Cataplana de Marisco

wrapped in a copper casserole, this seafood stew is a real tsunami of flavors . Its unique preparation makes the cataplana a dish that is both tasty and healthy.

the caldeirada of Peixe

This Portuguese bouillabaisse is a marine symphony. Caldeirada combines fish and seafood in a royally generous dish with an explosion of flavors on the palate.

from the appetizer to dessert: a circuit of flavors

The meal Portuguese is a real culinary adventure – each dish is a new step in the trip. What are these hidden jewels that deserve your attention?

Pica Pau

halfway between Spanish tapa and English pub snack, the Pica Pau is a must-see for Portuguese counters . These small pieces of meat marinated in a white wine and garlic sauce are both simple and addictive.

toucinho do céu

The name of this dessert literally means ” bacon from the sky “. Although the bacon is not the main ingredient, this almond and sugar cake is divinely delicious.

Tell me the wine: unknown drinks

The drink is a Key partner in the culinary journey. What are the hidden pearls of the Portuguese wine tradition?

Vin Verde

The freshness of Vinho Verde in fact the ideal companion for seafood and fish dishes. Its slightly sparkling taste will awaken your taste buds.


This cherry digestive is soft and comforting. A tasting of Ginjinha is a great way to finish a Portuguese meal.

a feast for the soul: the rich story behind the dishes

Cuisine is much more than a succession of recipes. It is a reflection of the culture and history of a country. How did these typical dishes shaped Portuguese identity?

The taste for travel: take Portuguese cuisine at home This is an invitation to try these typical dishes at home. Maybe your culinary talents will reveal new hidden treasures of Portuguese cuisine?

In conclusion, Portuguese cuisine is an open book, ready to be tasted. His diversity and wealth are the reflection of his warm and welcoming people. And you, what are you waiting for to start exploring these hidden treasures?

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