At the heart of the brewery: Exploration of Historical Brasseries of Prague

You may have already heard that Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is the city of beer. But did you know that this city is also rich in historical breweries that have shaped the history and brewing culture of the country? It is this brewing trip that we offer you today.

The brewing story of Prague: telling the past, a beer both

many will tell you that to understand a country, you must taste its kitchen. However, not to taste Czech beer the same principle? Prague breweries are indeed imbued with history, telling in their own way the evolution of the city.

the Brasserie u Fleků: an institution in Prague

The Brasserie u Fleků , dating from the 15th century, is undoubtedly one of the best known and oldest in Prague. She survived the trials of time, wars and floods to continue serving her famous drink.

The Stopramenian brewery: Innovation at La Pragoise

Stopramen , meaning “old source” in Czech, is another emblematic brasserie of the city. Founded in 1869, it is known to have been at the forefront of brass technological advances of the time.

Czech passion for beer: more than stereotype

beer beer is not only a drink for Czechs, it is a real way of life. Indeed, the country has the greatest consumption of beer per capita in the world. But what makes beer such a central element of Czech culture?

A social elixir

In Czech culture, beer is much more than a simple refreshment. It is a social bond that brings people together. She is there, at the center of family meetings, reunion with friends, joyful meals and serious discussions.

a brewing heritage

Beer is an integral part of the Czech story. Beer recipes that date from several centuries to the historic breweries of Prague, beer holds a place of choice in the country’s cultural heritage. “na zdraví”: greet the Czech < P> Have you ever pronounced a toast in Czech? Around a beer in Prague, you will often hear the expression “na zdraví”, which means “to your health”. It is an important ritual for the Czechs, a reverence to beer and conviviality that it embodies.

Greet “Czech”

Giving a toast in the Czech Republic is a ritual in itself. It must be said “na zdraví”, look at your vis-à-vis in the eyes, toast and take a sip of beer. A rite which creates a real atmosphere of camaraderie.

a symbol of respect

more than a simple formality, this ritual is a demonstration of respect for beer and for the person with who you share it. It symbolizes the appreciation of the quality of the beer and the company of your interlocutor.

Discover: the historic breweries of Prague await you

In conclusion, the beer In Prague is not just a drink, it is a real window on the history and culture of the city. Whether you are a beer lover, passionate about history or a simple curious traveler, the Historical Brasseries of Prague offer you a unique experience. It’s time to immerse yourself in the brewing story of Prague, one beer at a time. So when will you visit the Historical Brasseries of Prague?

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