Immerse yourself in the bewitching experience of the Belgian Chocolate Road

Have you ever dreamed of strolling through the cobbled alleys of Brussels, a praline in hand, to inspire this chocolate scent which seems to impregnate the air of the Belgian capital? Here is a unique trip: the Belgian chocolate route. Do not wait any longer, embark with us in this delicious adventure.

A Belgian tradition: the praline

Before revealing the essential steps of this gourmet journey, let’s remember the story of Which is the pride of Belgium: praline .

a historical heritage

Belgian praline, this little chocolate bite stuffed with various delicacies, Find its origins in 1912 in the workshop of Chocolatier Jean Neuhaus. Almost a century later, This sweet little treasure wonderfully symbolizes Belgian chocolate know-how.

the art of praline

he It is not just a question of filling a shell of chocolate with a garnish. The creation of a praline is a real art , which requires know-how, precision and creativity. How about going behind the scenes of this creation?

The chocolate route: an unforgettable trip

Now, put on your walking shoes and your most beautiful sweet tooth: Here we are ready to survey the chocolate road.

Brussels, sweet starting point

The journey begins in Brussels, where artisanal chocolateries abound. Make a stop at the legendary Manneken Pis , where pralines take amazing forms. Then, then let yourself be attracted by the intoxicating smell of hot chocolate from Frederic Blondeel , a treat for the most demanding palates.

Wallonia, Gourmet stopover

, head for the south to discover the Wallonia chocolateries. Do not miss the chocolate museum in Eupen, where the past meets the present in a fascinating chocolate dance. And why not stop at the darcis chocolate factory , pioneer in the art of chocolate macaroon?

the chocolate route, more than a simple trip

But the chocolate route is much more than a simple tasting. It is an immersion in land of gluttony, where each chocolate factory tells a story, transmits an inheritance.

window on Belgian know-how

c ‘is a real initiation to Belgian know-how, where we discover the diversity of textures, aromas, the complexity of techniques. It is also an opportunity to meet these passionate craftsmen, guardians of a gourmet heritage, and to discuss their profession.

a sensory adventure

more than a trip Gustatory, it is a real sensory adventure that the chocolate route offers. The smell of cocoa rumbled in the stoves, the crackling of the beans that break, the sweetness of the chocolate that melts under the tongue … You are already there, isn’t it?

Discover the Belgium through its chocolate treasures

whether you are a gourmet, a chocolate lover, or simply a curious traveler, the chocolate route invites you to discover Belgium through its chocolateies, its craftsmen, and Of course, its pralines. So, ready to embark on this gourmet adventure?

All you have to do is prepare your taste buds and your suitcase to explore the wonderful world of Belgian chocolate. Will you be traveling?

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