The Symphony of New Orleans Flavors and Melodies: a journey for the senses


Imagine strolling in a city of which each street corner awakens your senses. The scent of Creole dishes mixing with the distant echo of jazz. It is the unprecedented sensory experience offered by New Orleans. Immerse yourself with this journey to the heart of the flavors and sounds of New Orleans .

New Orleans: a culinary melting pot in New Orleans, cooking is a story of passion and tradition. Tasty dishes that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the city.

Gombo and crayfish: the essentials

the gumbo , a thick stew with multiple ingredients, is the quintessence of this mixture. Add a portion of spicy crayfish-you will then have an overview of the daring character of New Orleans cuisine.

Ducks and coffee with milk: a morning duo

For the uptime, the day begins with a “coffee au lace”, accompanied by donuts sprinkled with icing sugar. Do you feel this sweet sweet scent? It is the taste for happiness like New Orleans.

New Orleans: Birth of Jazz

New Orleans is not limited to its culinary heritage. It is also the cradle of jazz, a melody that still resonates in the streets of the city.

Immersion in the French district

Stroll through the French district, and you will be rocked by this music that emanates from each club and bar. As the legend of Jazz Louis Armstrong suggests: “Do not fail to hear jazz in rue Bourbon”.

Jazz Fest: a major celebration

Are you more like a festival -goer? Jazz Fest is for you. This annual event attracts thousands of music lovers who came to celebrate this music that has become emblematic of New Orleans.

Saveurs and sounds: the multicultural heritage of New Orleans

The merger of flavors and sounds in New Orleans is not the result of chance. It is the expression of a rich and vibrant multicultural heritage.

A mosaic of cultures

“New Orleans is like a built of paint overturned, the colors mixing to create new ones.” – J.K. Rowling

Whether on the plate or through music notes, this cultural diversity offers an unforgettable and enriching experience.

The sounds and flavors of New Orleans: a Sensory travel

Traveling in New Orleans, is to offer a single one for a unique sensory experience. The city is full of taste and melodic surprises that will not fail to seduce you. So, are -You ready to taste the Gumbo by listening to a jazz air in the legendary rue Bourbon?

whether you are gourmet or music lover, New Orleans awaits you for a bewitching trip to the heart of flavors and sounds . As Tennessee Williams say so well: “ America Only has three cities: New York, San Francisco and New Orleans. Everywhere is Cleveland.

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