Remember the vibrant gastronomic epic of Street Food in Mumbai

What is more authentic than to dive into the heart of the excitement of the streets of Mumbai, snatching you in a rich tapestry of flavors that instantly awaken your senses? Welcome to the remarkable world of the Street Food of Mumbai, an epic culinary journey that you will not forget anytime soon.

The quintessence of Mumbai: a mosaic of flavors

Strong> Street Food is a significant chapter in the book of cultural wonders of Mumbai. What is the divine smell of street cuisine evokes for you?

vada pav: the soul of the street kitchen of Mumbai

Imagine a soft bun , filled with a spicy fried pancake, with a touch of various chutneys – it is vada pav , the Indian hamburger, which is at the very heart of the identity of the street kitchen of Mumbai.

Bhel Puri: a carnival of flavors

Imagine a mixture of crunchy blown rice, fresh vegetables, drunk with tamarin and coriander chutneys- a real circus of flavors and textures that dances on your tongue. It is the bhel Puri , the child star of the street cuisine of Mumbai.

gastronomic pleasure in the hollow of the hand: the secrets of the street stands

Behind each street stand is a unique story. What do these places of delicacies reveal of their creators?

success with sweet taste: the story of Mr. Gupta

“I started with a small stand and the lens to make people happy with my sweets. Today, I have three points of sale throughout the city “, says Mr. Gupta, the owner of a popular dessert stand. Determination and ingenuity behind each street stand gives each bite a particular flavor, isn’t it?

The shock of cultures: various influences

The street kitchen of Mumbai is a vibrant mixture of various cultures. How do these different influences shape these culinary delights?

South influences

We cannot pass a stand of dosa , without note the strong influences from southern India. Have you ever tried a crisp dosa with melted butter?

Persian influences

the baida roti , a delicious omelet wrapped in a pancake and fried until ‘To what it is crisp, clearly reveals Persian influences.

The last piece: beyond the flavors

In the end, the rue de Mumbai cuisine represents Much more than simple exotic flavors. She is a summary of urban life in Mumbai, a symbol of her diversity, her resilience and her love for food. So, the next time you taste the street kitchen of Mumbai, what will you find in each bite?

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