Exploration of wine sponsors: an odyssey in Australian Wineries


Who would have believed that the cradle of kangaroos and koalas is also that of the best wines in the world? Prepare your palaces to discover the treasures of Australian Wineries .

an amazing journey in the history of wine

know that Australia is the Fourth world wine exporter? Over the centuries, it has been able to transform its arid lands into fruitful vines. But before embarking on an exploration of Australian Wineries, let me tell you about this fascinating adventure.

The humble birth of the Australian wine industry

Remonto to 1788. This era, the first British settlers brought European vines with them. The latter had to adapt to a radically different climate and soil. It was not until the middle of the 19th century that Australian wine began to acquire international recognition.

of the crisis in the Renaissance

like any great history, that of Australian wine has experienced ups and downs. After a period of crisis due to excess production, the country’s wine sector experienced a revival in the 1970s. Since then, the quality of wines has improved and their popularity has exploded.

Australia, a terroir with a thousand faces

Australia offers an incredible diversity of wine terroirs. Whether it is the fresh valleys of Tasmania or the red lands of Barossa Valley, each region has a story to tell, a wine to reveal.

barossa valley: the kingdom of Shiraz

Barossa Valley is one of the oldest and most respected wine regions in Australia. Its fertile floors and Mediterranean climate make it the ideal place for the cultivation of Shiraz grape variety. His spicy and fleshy wines with the aromas of red fruits are the signature of the region.

Margaret River: the young prodigy

by contrast, Margaret River is a relatively young wine region, but Who quickly gained reputation thanks to his elegant wines. Here, the maritime climate and the gravel floors promote white wines like the Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

a tasting of French Australia

apart from their terroir, the Australian wines have anything else to share with us, French wine lovers?

Adopt “cool climate” philosophy

Australian Wineries have passed masters in the art of Produce wines in fresh climates. Their “cool climate” philosophy highlights the importance of the climate in the expression of wine. By adopting this philosophy, perhaps we could discover new facets in our own terroir?

Innovation and experiments

Australia is also known for its innovative approach and audacity to break the traditional rules. This modern and avant-garde attitude makes it possible to innovate, experiment and constantly discover new ways of making wine. Australian Wineries encourage us to renew our passion for wine and get out of our comfort.

meet the Australian Wineries

You will understand, explore Australian Wineries is not just a question of wine. It is an immersion in a culture, a story and a love for the vine that extends over several generations. So when will you make the big leap and will go to meet the Australian Wineries?

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