The revealed mysteries of authentic Mexican Guacamole

Imagine a culinary journey that takes you to the heart of Mexico, where Guacamole reigns supreme. A subtle mixture of creamy avocados, tangy lemon juice, fresh coriander and spices that tickle your taste buds. But what makes Mexican Guacamole so authentic and irresistible? This is what we will discover in this article. Prepare to put a little spice in your kitchen!

The basis: Choosing the right ingredients

Like any recipe, an authentic guacamole begins with quality ingredients . But what are they exactly?

  • lawyers : choose mature hass lawyers, but not too ripe. They must be firm to the touch with slight flexibility.
  • lemons green : Lemon juice brings a necessary acidity that enhances other flavors.

    coriander : This grass is essential for its unique flavor.

    peppers : Jalapeños or Serranos are most commonly used for the spice. Choose according to your pepper tolerance.

The secret of the ancients: the preparation technique

did you know that Guacamole was originally an Aztec recipe Named “Ahuacamolli”, which means “lawyer sauce”? This brings us to a question: how would the ancestors prepare this dish?

pestle and mortar

Guacamole purists argue that the use of a Pilon and a mortar is essential. For what ? These tools make it possible to crush the ingredients without reducing them in mash, thus preserving a perfect texture.

peppers and green lemons: a delicate balance

One of the keys to achieve a guacamole Authentic Mexican is to find the right balance between the acidity of the lime and the spice of the pepper. Each person has their own preference in terms of intensity of these two aspects. So how do you find yours?

The solution is simple: the experiment . Start by adding a little of each ingredient, then gradually adjust until you get the perfect combination to your liking.

serve guacamole: an art in itself

serve the guacamole is all as important as its preparation. After all, we eat first with the eyes, isn’t it?

The Mexican tradition wants us to serve the guacamole in a “Molcajet” , a volcanic stone mortar. Not only does this add to authenticity, but stone also helps keep the guacamole fresh longer.

the preparation of an authentic Mexican guacamole may seem complex, but it is actually a simple process which has not changed since the time of the Aztecs. By choosing the right ingredients, respecting the traditional preparation technique, balancing acidity and spice and serving it appropriately, you can create your own version of this classic.

then, are are -You ready to try? To your next meal, invite your loved ones to discover the unique flavor of authentic Mexican Guacamole. Who knows, you may well offer them an unforgettable culinary experience.

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