Escape the culinary faux pas: errors to avoid by eating abroad

What could be more exciting than discovering new flavors, new dishes and culinary traditions during a trip abroad? food is a vibrating reflection of the culture of a country . However, the table can be a field undermined with cultural ambiguities and misunderstandings. In this article, I share with you recommendations to avoid the common mistakes that we make by eating abroad. 1. Taking the time to understand the local food culture

The first rule is to respect and understand the culinary traditions of the country you visit . Do you arrive in Japan with the habit of soaking your sushi in a ton of soy sauce? This could well be considered an affront. Why not take the time to look at the locals and learn from them?

Culinary trip to Asia: sacred rice

For example, in China and Japan, the rice is considered sacred. Leaving it in its bowl means that you are not satisfied with your meal. An error easy to avoid if you know the custom.

2. Respect local customs concerning the cutlery

Customs relating to cutlery vary greatly from one country to another. For example, did you know that it is considered disrespectful to plant your fork in your food in Thailand?

spoons, forks and chopsticks

in Thailand, the fork is used for Push food into the spoon, which is then brought to the mouth. In China, avoid planting your baguettes vertically in your bowl of rice, as it recalls the incense sticks used for funeral offerings.

3. Pay attention to the table label

Politeness at the table is not universal . What can be considered a good label in your country can be perceived differently abroad.

The table label in Europe

for example, did you know that ‘In France, it is considered to be stuck to eat your bread as an entry? The bread must be placed on the table (and not on a plate) and must be torn by hand (never with a knife) to accompany your dish.

4. Be open and adventurous

on a trip, be ready to get out of your comfort zone. Even if some dishes may seem strange at first glance, this does not mean that they are not delicious. Who knows ? It could be the best thing you have ever eaten.

exotic delights

of the fried insect in Thailand at Haggis in Scotland, each culture has its own exotic delights . Show curiosity and who knows, you could be pleasantly surprised.

Learn and savor your culinary trip

Dear reader, travel is an opportunity to learn and grow. Beyond the magnificent landscapes and the wonderful people you meet, food is a fundamental aspect of this learning experience. Avoid culinary miscarriages, be respectful and curious, and make the most of your culinary trip.

and you, what was your most memorable culinary experience abroad? Share it in the comments below!

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