Ultimate cooking schools for gastronomes around the world

What can you get if you combine your passion for travel and gastronomy? An unrivaled culinary adventure that will put your taste buds in turmoil. Ready to take your love for cooking at a higher level? Embark on this world tour of the best cooking schools.

1. Le Cordon Bleu, Paris – France

When it comes to French cuisine, the cord Bleu is the name that comes to mind. Inaugurated in 1895, he formed generations of world renown leaders. With programs ranging from the kitchen diploma to the Master Culinary Arts, this school offers complete training for any aspiring chef.

 Le Cordon Bleu

2. Culinary Institute of America – United States

If you dream of becoming the next American Grand Chef, the Culinary Institute of America would be your best choice. Renowned for its meticulous techniques and its excellent faculty, this school is a must for any gastronome in America.

“It is an experience that changed my life. The skills that I I have acquired here still serve me today. ” – Julia Child, famous chef and former student of the Culinary Institute of America.

3. Tokyo Sushi Academy – Japan

Japan is renowned for its delicate and refined cuisine, and what better place to discover it than Tokyo Sushi Academy ? Offering intensive sushi lessons, this school attracts students from around the world. Are you ready to master the art of sushi?

4. Silom Thai Cooking School – Thailand

Thailand is a paradise for gourmets. If you want to learn how to prepare authentic Thai dishes, the Silom Thai Cooking School is an excellent choice. The courses start with a visit to the local market where students learn to choose the coolest ingredients.

Reflection exercise: how important your passion for cooking?

Take a moment to think: in which kitchen would you like to specialize? Could you see yourself traveling in another country to immerse yourself in its culinary culture?

on the route of international flavors

Each cooking school has something unique to offer , just as each kitchen has its own flavor and its own techniques. So what are you waiting for to embark on this culinary adventure?

Taste the world with each bite

Learning kitchen around the world is not only a question of acquiring new skills. It is also a way of understanding the culture and traditions of a country. So, ready to go on an adventure and let your passion for cooking guide you?

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