Taste authenticity: when the trip goes through meals with the locals


Who has never dreamed of discovering a foreign culture not through traditional tourist attractions, but by sharing the daily life of locals? To travel is also and above all to feed on the spirit, the soul and the gastronomy of the country visited. In recent years, the tendency of meals in the inhabitant has conquered the hearts of globetrotters looking for authenticity. Let us explore together the reasons for this success.

immerse in the atypical local culture: between taste and history

The main interest of the locals is undoubtedly immersion in the local culture offered. This type of experience is much more than a simple meal, it is a bridge between cultures, a real human exchange.

Discover new flavors

During these meals, you will have the opportunity to discover traditional dishes often absent from the menus of more “tourist” restaurants. A Kitchen of the Soul, authentic, which reflects the history and customs of the place.

Tell the story through gastronomy

Each dish has a story to tell, Each recipe is an integral part of the country’s cultural heritage. By sharing a meal with the inhabitant, you are told the history of these dishes, their origins and their meanings in their culture.

a bilateral exchange: give and receive

Much more than a simple culinary journey, the inhabitant’s meal often turns into an authentic human meeting.

share on our cultures

in addition to presenting its own culture, The host is generally curious to discover ours. He establishes a real bilateral exchange, enriching for both parties.

Create lasting links

how many travelers have established lasting friendships with their hosts, sharing a meal at their table? These meetings are often an opportunity to create strong and memorable links.

an economic and ecological choice

In addition to cultural and human aspects, meals in residents also present Non-negligible economic and ecological advantages.

contribute to the local economy

During these meals, travelers contribute directly to the local economy, by supporting producers and local traders .

respect the environment

By choosing to eat in the inhabitant, travelers limit their environmental footprint by opting for a more responsible and less energy -consuming consumption.

< H2> A step towards tolerance: the plate as a link

Despite cultural differences, the meal in the locals is a demonstration of our common humanity, of this universal language that Food.

get to know the other

by sharing a meal, we get to know the other, to understand his customs and traditions, to respect his differences. << /p>

Celebrating common humanity

Beyond cultures, religions and traditions, the inhabitant’s meal reminds us that we all share the same fundamental need: feed. It is this common humanity that we celebrate around a table.

meal with the locals: a trip to the authentic

Opt for the locality for the locals during A trip is to choose to go off the beaten track. It is to decide to taste the local culture by plunging into the intimacy of a house, around a family table. It is opening up to exchange, discovery and mutual respect. And you, when do you plan your next authentic trip?

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