Discover the fascinating gastronomy of the pharaohs: the centuries -old dishes of ancient Egypt

Have you ever wondered what taste had the kitchen of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt? What were the basic foods of their diet? How did they prepare them? In this article, we will travel back in time and rediscover the secrets of pharaonic cuisine. Hang on, let’s go for a culinary adventure in the land of pyramids.

The richness of ancient Egyptian food

The diet of Egyptians was mainly Composed of wheat and barley, which were used to make daily bread and beer, the main drink of the time. The Nile offered them a profusion of fish and poultry, while their gardens were full of various fruits and vegetables.

cereals, base of food

bread was considered the pillar of ancient Egyptian cuisine. Its preparation required particular know-how, and each variety of bread had specific meaning and use.

beer, drink of gods and men

Beer, often called “The donation of the Nile” , was consumed on all occasions. It was so important that it was even used as a means of payment for workers.

Culinary specialties of the pharaonic era

The Egyptians had a wide range of dishes, including Many have been lost over time. However, some of these recipes have survived and have been adapted to modern Egyptian cuisine.

le Ta’amia, a legacy of the pharaohs

known today under the Name of Falafel, Ta’amia was one of the most popular dishes at the time of the Pharaohs. This delicious cake with crushed beans offers an overview of the authentic flavors of ancient Egypt.

Foul Medas, a millennial dish

Le Foul Medas, a Beaks -based stew, is a real heritage of ancient Egypt. Its unique taste and creamy texture continue to delight the palaces of modern Egyptians.

The symbolism of food in ancient Egypt

The importance of food was not limited to subsistence. Each element had a particular symbolism and was used during religious ceremonies or as offerings to the gods.

the onion, symbol of eternity

Symbol of eternity due to Its concentric circles, the onion was often placed on the altars of the gods to pay tribute to them. It was also placed in the tombs as a food for the beyond.

honey, elixir of the gods

Honey had a special place in the kitchen and medicine Egyptian. Considered a divine food, it was offered to the gods and used in the kitchen to prepare delicious pastries.

The royal meal, a pharaonic feast

incomplete would be the trip without a reference to A real royal meal. Our Egyptian ancestors knew how to feast on pagan celebrations, offering a magnificent culinary spectacle.

meats and fish

a real pharaonic feast had a wide variety of meats and fish, grilled or cooked, accompanied by different sauces and spices.

Fruits and desserts

The dessert was an essential part of the meal. Figs, dates, grapes and honey pastries brought a nice sweet note to close the meal. a culinary echo in time

The kitchen of the pharaohs is a real Mirror of culture, beliefs and lifestyle of ancient Egyptians. Each dish, each ingredient carries within it the echo of a fascinating civilization. And you, which dish from ancient Egypt would you like to taste first?

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