The cocoa trip: from the equatorial forest to the gourmet tablet


The bewitching smell of chocolate grasped you, its exotic aromas transport you, but where does it come from? Let’s get on an exciting journey on the chocolate route, from Latin America to our European chocolate makers.

Discovery and conquest: Latin America Crack of the cocoa is above all a fruit from the cocoa tree, a tree that grows in a tropical climate. It is in Latin America, the cradle of this delicious raw material, that history begins.

The Mayan roots of chocolate

The Mayas were undoubtedly the first people to cultivate Cocoa. For them, the cocoa was sacred and served as well as a currency of exchange and offering to the gods. Who could have thought that this simple bean would play such a big role in our history?

The arrival of cocoa in Europe: a sweet conquest

cocoa migrates to Europe thanks to Christophe Columbus during his trip in 1502. However, it will be necessary to wait for Hernán Cortés for the cocoa to be fully recognized and popularized in Europe.

chocolate, a royalty affair

to Its arrival in Europe, cocoa is only consumed by royalty, and for good reason: its rarity makes it a luxury product inaccessible for ordinary people. This is how it will gradually democratize, until it becomes a daily product.

The recipe is simple: rich in theobromine, a stimulating substance, chocolate quickly becomes the new drink fashionable in royal courts. Success is such that all of Europe is embarking on sugar production to meet this new demand.

The industrial revolution: the birth of modern chocolate

The 19th century marks a decisive stage in the history of chocolate. Technological innovations allow mass production, thus democratizing its consumption.

Mechanization: large -scale production

The mechanization of the work of cocoa beans, crushing and grinding , will make it possible to obtain a finer, more creamy, more tasty paste. Chocolate as we know it today was born.

cocoa in the modern era: between delights and challenges

Today, chocolate has conquered the whole world. It is present in Europe, America, Asia, everywhere. How did this sweetness adapt to the modern era?

tastes and colors

Today, chocolate is available in all forms and for all Tastes: black, white, milk, hazelnuts, spicy … there is something for everyone! Chocolate has become a real culinary, delicate and refined art.

The challenge of sustainability

However, cocoa production faces many challenges, especially that of sustainability . Whether it is environmental questions or working conditions, the cocoa sector is constantly evolving to respond to these major issues. a story melted in our memories …

Immersion in the history of chocolate: from its discovery by the Mayans, to its democratization in Europe with the arrival of sugar, until its current shape, chocolate has reinvented to respond to our tastes and to our expectations. And you, how do you imagine the future of chocolate?

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