Korean Kimchi: an ancestral condiment with unsuspected benefits


Discover the fascinating journey of Kimchi, from its millennial creation to its impact on the daily life of Koreans today. Classified as the intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO, the Kimchi is more than a food; It is a national symbol.

the Kimchi: a 3000 year old recipe

If you were to name an emblematic dish of Korea, the Kimchi would certainly be at the top of your list. Have you ever imagined how this unique taste condiment was born?

The origins of Kimchi

You have to go back to the time of third kingdom of Korea (57 BC-668 AP. J-C) to find the first traces of Kimchi. At that time, Kimchi was not spicy, but simply a method of preserving cruciferous vegetables such as radish or nappa cabbage in winter. The vegetables were fermented in brine and stored in buried jars to withstand the rigors of winter.

the transformation of the Kimchi over the centuries

The Kimchi that we know Today, with its spicy and complex taste, did not appear overnight. It is the fruit of an evolutionary process which has spread over centuries.

The influence of chili

We owe the distinct flavor of the Kimchi to the arrival of the pepper In Korea in the 17th century, after its discovery in the new world. The pepper has literally transformed the Kimchi, giving it a spicy flavor that conquered the Palais des Koreans. The gochugaru , or Korean red pepper flakes, is now an essential ingredient of the Kimchi recipe.

The Kimchi place in Korean culture

Kimchi is not only a condiment in Korean cuisine. It is a fundamental element of culture and Korean national identity .

The Kimjang tradition

Kimjang , the tradition of doing Kimchi in preparation for winter, is a significant social event. Families, neighbors and friends gather to prepare for large quantities of Kimchi together. These rallies strengthen community ties and are an opportunity to transmit traditional Kimchi manufacturing techniques to young generations.

the Kimchi: a super-food with various health benefits

The Kimchi is not only tasty, it is also incredibly healthy. Many studies have shown its many health benefits.

The champion of probiotics

The Kimchi fermentation process produces a large amount of probiotic . These good bacteria help digestive health, strengthen the immune system and can even help lose weight.

the metamorphosis of kimchi: from ancestral art to modern cuisine

Let us recognize it: Kimchi has left the borders of Korea to conquer the tables around the world. This multiple facets condiment continues to surprise us with its ability to integrate into a multitude of recipes.

new ways to savor the Kimchi

Beyond the Traditional accompaniment of rice, Kimchi has found its place in burgers, pizzas, soups, and even cocktails. Its growing popularity is constantly stimulating the creativity of chefs around the world.

Discover and appreciate the Kimchi: an enriching culinary journey

the Kimchi, with its rich history and its unique flavors , offers a great opportunity to discover another culture while enjoying a delicious and healthy dish. So why not start your own culinary trip with the Kimchi? Who knows, you could even find yourself preparing your own homemade kimchi!

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