Diving into the milky universe: demystify received ideas on dairy products


Every day, we face a plethora of food choices. At the heart of these dilemmas: dairy products. Adored by some, criticized by others, they sow doubt in our mind. But what about really? embark with me in an adventure at the heart of myths and realities of dairy products, where science will be our guide.

myth 1: Dairy products are Essential for good bone health

“Drink milk for good bones” , we all heard. Is this affirmation true?

In reality, if dairy products are rich in calcium, an essential mineral for bone health, many studies have shown that calcium intake does not guarantee Only he prevention of bone diseases such as osteoporosis. Dr. Mark Hyman, nutrition expert, specifies that “The key lies in the balance between calcium and other nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin K and vitamin D” .

Now, a short break:

Have you ever tried to do a homemade yogurt? This is a great way to control what you put in your body and enjoy the natural provincial benefits of yogurt.

myth 2: Dairy products are bad for the heart

The idea that dairy products are harmful to the heart because of their saturated fat content is widespread. What do research say?

a scientific journal published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicates that there is no conclusive evidence that the saturated fat of dairy products increase The risk of heart disease. On the contrary, certain dairy products, such as yogurt and cheese, can even be beneficial for cardiovascular health.

myth 3: dairy products cause bloating and digestive disorders

For some of us, the consumption of dairy products can cause bloating and digestive disorders. Is this an unfair accusation?

It is not a myth for those who are lactose intolerant, a condition where the body has trouble digesting lactose, a sugar present in milk. However, for people tolerant to lactose, dairy products generally do not cause these symptoms.

myth 4: dairy products promote weight gain

The last myth that we are going Addressing is the one who links the consumption of dairy products to obesity. What about really?

In fact, a study published in International Journal of Obesity discovered that the consumption of whole dairy products is linked to a reduced risk of gain in weight and obesity. This may be due to the effects of fatty satiety present in dairy products.

and now, on the way to an informed choice …

We have explored myths and truths Surrounding dairy products, and we are now better equipped to make enlightened food choices. Whether you are a fervent defender of dairy products or a skeptic, the important thing is to make a choice that respects your needs and your health.

and you, what are you going to choose?

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