The secrets of the healthiest kitchens in the world: a culinary journey for your well-being


Already traveled the world with your taste buds, in search of exotic delights? Many of us consider cooking only in the appearance of taste pleasure. But have you ever thought of the link between gastronomy and health? Today, let’s discover the healthiest kitchens in the world.

Mediterranean cuisine, an ode to the longevity

iconic of the Mediterranean diet, the oil of Olive Extra virgin , rich in mono-insaturated fatty acids, appears on the front line in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. In addition, this kitchen, based on a significant consumption of fruits, vegetables, fish and legumes, is associated with increased longevity. Did you know that in certain Mediterranean regions, the proportion of centenarians is exceptionally high?

The benefits of olive oil

We attribute to olive oil Ability to reduce “bad” cholesterol (LDL) while increasing the “good” (HDL). In addition, it is a precious source of antioxidants, these molecules with many benefits.

Japanese gastronomy, a perfect alliance between pleasure and health

Japan, and more specifically Okinawa , is another bastion of longevity. What are the secrets of this kitchen? On the one hand, the abundant consumption of seafood, rich in Omega-3, gives the inhabitants natural protection against heart disease. On the other hand, soybeans and its derivatives (tofu, miso, natto) occupy a central place in their diet, bringing quality proteins without the disadvantages associated with the excessive consumption of red meat.

The Weight of the tradition

“Hara Hachi bu” , this Japanese maxim advocates the end of the food when you feel full of 80%. By advocating moderation, this old practice undoubtedly promotes the maintenance of a healthy weight.

Why North Africa is renowned for its healthy cuisine

cuisine d ‘North Africa, and especially Moroccan, is characterized by the generous use of spices with multiple virtues. Do you know, for example, that turmeric, a basic ingredient in this kitchen, is considered a real “super-food”? In addition, couscous, an emblematic dish of the region, is an excellent source of dietary fiber, important for intestinal health.

argan superpowers

for not Nothing to spoil, argan oil, true liquid gold from Morocco, is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, contributing to the health of the skin and the heart.

Indian cuisine, a treasure Color health

little known for its health benefits, Indian cuisine is however a real nutritional treasure. The rich and varied use of spices in this kitchen can help fight inflammation, improve digestion and promote heart health. Dals (lentils), real nutritional bombs, are rich in fiber and protein and constitute the basis of many meals.

tea, a tradition with multiple virtues

, traditionally drunk in India, is a concentrate of health benefits, thanks to its mixture of spices and black tea. Did you know that certain components of chai tea can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes?

The path to healthier diet

as you Note, these kitchens in the world have an abundant consumption of fruits, vegetables and spices, as well as moderation in the consumption of meats. Their undeniable appeal is reinforced by their immeasurable health benefits. So, ready to let these kitchens inspire you for a healthier life?

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