Transform your plane meal into a tasty experience: our best tips

Do you remember your last flight meal? Was he memorable? For most of us, the culinary experience at 35,000 feet leaves something to be desired. Through this article, we help you navigate beyond the current traps of plane meals so that you can really appreciate your next flight.

Understand the taste at high altitude

The taste of your favorite dish changes by plane. For what ? Drought and low pressure in the cabin influence our sense of taste and smell. A study of the Sensory chemistry newspaper has shown that our taste buds are almost 30% less sensitive in flight. We explore how to get around this trap.

orient your meal choices

Did you know that sweet and salty flavors are less pronounced in flight, while acidity and bitterness Are growing ? Avoid too sweet or savory dishes and favor dishes with bitter or spicy flavors. A vegetable curry or a fruit salad could be wise choices.

Hydrate yourself

The lack of moisture by plane can dry your palate, affecting your perception of taste. Drinking water regularly is the key. Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks that can worsen dehydration.

opt for special meals

Airlines often offer special meals for dietetic or religious requirements. It could be your passport for cooler and tasty meals.

Order in advance

whether it is a vegetarian meal, gluten or halal, be sure to order 48 hours in advance. You may discover a delicious and healthy dish that will make you forget ordinary meal trays.

an interesting alternative

not only are these meals carefully prepared, but they are also usually served first. A double advantage for impatient and hungry travelers!

Judiciously choose your snacks

Take your own snacks can be a real savior. But what types of snacks take away?

Favor healthy snacks

fresh fruit, nuts, cereal bars – healthy choices that will avoid the snack trap filled with fat and empty -in -flight calories.

think of foods rich in water

foods such as cucumbers, apples or oranges can help you stay hydrated in flight. They are also easy to take and consume.

cultivate a spirit of discovery

Aviation is the symbol of travel and discovery. And if we applied this mentality to our culinary experience in flight?

Try new dishes

Try the local meal offered by your airline could be a fun and interesting way to start Your cultural exploration.

Enjoy the trip

Do not let a disappointing meal spoil your trip. Remember that the adventure begins with the opening of mind can help accept culinary surprises in flight.

on the way to a memorable culinary experience by plane

while keeping at The mind these tips, you can transform your plane meals into a more pleasant experience. So, the next time you steal, do you rejoice in the meal moment? Good trip and good appetite!

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