The conscious traveler: how to eat ethically around the world


Imagine yourself in a lively night market in Bangkok, surrounded by bewitching aromas, bright colors and contagious enthusiasm for local cuisine. How, in this context, make responsible food decisions? The answer is not always obvious. This is why we have created this guide to help you ethically eat on a trip.

Navigate in local food with sensitivity

Exhibition to culinary diversity is the One of the greatest joys of the trip. But to eat ethically, you have to understand and respect local food traditions. Please note, this does not mean that we must throw our own values ​​by the window.

respect local customs

Learn about the food culture of a country before Going can help you make ethical food choices. For example, in some countries, refusing to eat meat can be considered offensive. In this case, how can you reconcile your respect for the local culture and your personal convictions? Perhaps by politely explaining your position or by looking for vegetarian alternatives that respect the environment.

Choosing restaurants that support local communities

It is often tempting to opt for Familiar food chains when traveling. However, eating local is not only a much more enriching experience, but also a powerful way to support the local economy.

Explore local markets and small restaurants

by choosing to Eat in local markets or in small family restaurants, you directly support local producers and merchants. Thus, you help to stimulate the local economy while discovering authentic dishes. So, what holds you to try this Street Soup stand at Ho Chi Minh or this little pasticceria in Rome?

eating durably

Choose food options sustainable travel may seem intimidating, but it is not impossible. Prefecting local seasonal foods and reducing food waste are two simple ways to do so.

favor local seasonal food

why choose strawberries in winter when you can savor local juicy oranges? Imported foods have much larger carbon footprint than local seasonal foods. This is why, preferring these is a responsible ethical choice.

minimize food waste

Did you know that we throw about a third of the food we produce on a global scale ? Being careful with the amount of food you order and how you consume it, you can help reduce this waste.

Choose vegetarian mode

Meat consumption And dairy products has a significant impact on the environment. If adopting a complete vegetarian diet is not an option for you, consider eating less meat and more fruits and vegetables during your trip.

eating less meat

Our meat consumption is responsible for almost 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. It’s more than all cars, trains, planes and boats combined. So why not try this roasted vegetable dish the next time you are on a travel menu? You could be surprised by the delight you will discover.

and now, you play!

that’s it! You now have a set of tips to eat ethically on a trip. So, the next time you are abroad, why not try to eat local, reduce food waste or adopt a more vegetable diet? You will not only discover incredible flavors, but you will also help protect our beautiful planet.

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