Discover the culinary treasures hidden in the streets of Istanbul

Imagine yourself walking in the animated streets of Istanbul, where a symphony of intoxicating aromas guides you towards an unprecedented gastronomic experience. Each street corner is an invitation to discover and enjoy the culinary delights that make the richness of this city. Through this article, we invite you to a sensory journey at the heart of the delicacies of the streets of Istanbul.

1. The authentic charm of small food stands

From the first hours of the day, Istanbul offers an incredible variety of fresh and tasty dishes. The Simits , kinds of bagels covered with sesame seeds, are a must of Breakfast Turkish.

“These small stands are an integral part of the city’s culinary identity,” said Ahmet, a resident of Istanbul for over 40 years.

The popularity of < EM> Köfte

the köfte , or spicy meat dumplings, is another must of street stands. Would you dare to resist the temptation of this tasty dish, ideal for a quick and nourishing lunch?

2. The art of Turkish pastries

which can resist the temptation of a Turkish pastry? Istanbul is full of sweet wonders that you can discover on every street corner.

Baklava, the king of desserts

the Baklava, with his layers of phyllo paste, his mixture of nuts and His sweet syrup, is a delight that deserves to be savored slowly. The Baklava offers a real explosion of flavors and textures that will delight gourmets.

3. The queen of streets: Turkish drink

In the streets of Istanbul, there is not only food, Turkish drinks are just as important and varied. Whether it is omnipresent tea in every street corner, or Turkish coffee, whose richness in aromas is a real pleasure for the senses.

raki, national drink

Do not fail to savor the Raki, the iconic aniseed drink of Turkey. It is a ritual of conviviality which is eaten slowly, taking the time to appreciate its unique and rich taste.

4. The experience of food markets

Visit Istanbul is also to discover its food markets. Places of sharing and exchanges, the markets offer a real dive into the heart of Turkish culinary culture.

Bosphorus fish

Fish stands are one of the big attractions of Istanbul markets. Taste the fresh bosphorus fish, grilled under your eyes and served in a soft and crisp bread. A pure delight!

a gastronomy to savor, souvenirs to take away

The delights of the streets of Istanbul are an experience that goes beyond simple taste pleasure. They are a reflection of a rich and generous culture which is transmitted through flavors and aromas. Back home, you can keep in your heart the memory of these flavors of Istanbul who, with each bite, tell a story, a people, a passion.

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