Star cooking: European gastronomic festivals to discover

Do you salivate at the idea of ​​a firmly refined cheese from France or a beer brewed perfection in Germany? Are you ready to travel through Europe to live an unforgettable culinary experience? If so, sit down comfortably, because we take you on a culinary trip through Europe. You will discover some of the most amazing gastronomic festivals she has to offer.

The Gastronomy Festival, France

The Gastronomy Festival takes place every year during the last weekend in September across the country. This event is a celebration of French cuisine recognized by UNESCO as an “intangible cultural heritage of humanity”.

a festival of all tastes

that you are a Amateur of cheese, wine enthusiast or a gourmet of desserts, this festival has something for everyone. From starred chefs to cooking enthusiasts, all come to share their love of gastronomy and taste new culinary creations. Do you think you can resist the call of this taste buds party?

The Chocolate Fair, Belgium

If you are a Chocoholic, The Chocolate Salon in Brussels is the place to go. This festival brings together the best chocolate makers in Belgium and around the world. It is a real paradise for chocolate lovers. The glorious smell of fresh chocolate that floats in the air is simply irresistible .

The Summum high -end chocolate

In addition to tasting, You can attend culinary demonstrations, chocolate creation workshops and even a parade of chocolate dresses. Is the chocolate sewing in your future wardrobe?

the Oktoberfest in Germany

You probably heard of Oktoberfest . It is the largest beer festival in the world and one of the main cultural events in Germany. But did you know that it is also a celebration of traditional Bavarian cuisine?

The pleasures of beer and the loan

Besides beer, the Oktoberfest highlights Dishes such as Pretzel, Munich sausage and traditional Hendl (roasted chicken). Can you imagine savoring a well-cooked bratwurst with a cold drink by taking advantage of the festive atmosphere?

The Alba White Truffle Festival, Italy

The Alba White Truffle Festival in Italy is one of the most luxurious culinary events in Europe. The festival is dedicated to the celebration of the white truffle of Alba, one of the most refined and most expensive ingredients in Italian cuisine.

the queen of truffles

The Visitors can expect truffle tastings, gourmet dinners and even truffle auctions. An event for those who wish to add a touch of luxury to their culinary trip.

On the way to gastronomic discovery

In short, each gastronomic festival is a unique opportunity to discover cultures European culinary. Crispy baguettes in France, with a delicious chocolatey taste in Belgium, with German brass: luxurious white truffle in Italy. Are you ready to undertake this epic culinary journey across Europe?

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