Discover the essential culinary pleasures of New York: a gastronomic journey through the city that never sleeps


By flying over New York, you can almost smell the smell of fresh bagels, fine crust pizzas and international cuisine that mixes with the invigorating air of this iconic metropolis. But what are the real culinary must-dos in New York?

New York pizza: a slice of crisp happiness

Let’s talk about New York pizza . With its fine crust, its generous garnish and its impressive size, it has conquered the whole world. But where to find the best slice? Some plebiscite di fara pizza in Brooklyn, where Dom de Marco prepares each pizza himself. Others prefer lucali , also in Brooklyn. The truth ? There is not a single “best” pizza in New York, but a multitude of delicious slices waiting to be tasted.

and you, what is your favorite pizzeria in New York? Have you ever tasted the ultimate experience in New York pizza?

Bagels tasting: an essential morning ritual

let’s go to another unmissable culinary of New York: < Strong> The Bagel . New Yorkers like their bagel, and you didn’t really visit New York before you enjoyed a fresh morning bagel. Ess-a-Bagel and Bagel Hole are among the best addresses to taste these round delights. A bagel, a shmear (cream cheese spread), maybe smoked salmon … Taste a bagel in New York is a real morning celebration.

Love your bagel with or without trim ? What is your favorite address for a Bagel in New York?

Hot-Dogs de rue: A bite of the soul of New York

The Hot-Dogs de rue are more than a simple snack in New York: they are part of the city’s urban fabric. Whether you like them traditional with mustard and sauerkraut, or with a wide range of international toppings, don’t forget to taste a hot dog during your gourmet tour in New York. Nathan’s Famous in Coney Island is a must for many.

What makes a New York hot dog so? > International cuisine: a world tour without leaving the city

Finally, among the culinary must-from New York, the international kitchen occupies a place of choice. Chinese dumplings at Flushing , to Mexican tacos to Sunset Park , including Indian currys to jackson heights , the city is a real melting -Culinary pepper. Of course, do not forget the famous Italian cuisine of Little Italy and the authentic Russian cuisine of brighton beach .

what is your favorite neighborhood From New York for an international culinary adventure?

Conclude your gastronomic trip: dessert, of course!

and as tradition wants, let’s finish with dessert. Cheesecake, apple pie, cannoli … The possibilities are endless. A final provocative question for you: do you prefer junior’s cheesecake or oven apples pie & twenty blackbirds ?

What New York on your plate? Whether you have already fallen in love with the flavors of the big apple or that you dream of discovering them, this city always has something new to make you taste. So when is your next gastronomic visit to New York?

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